Egeyıldız made a difference with the first and only pressurized lead free potable water pipes of Turkey that is produced with today's modern technology. Environmentally friendly lead free pipes have become the IN DEMAND pipes with the slogan of “PRIMARILY; HEALTH”.

Municipalities prefer primarily because of the zinc components in its content, said Egeplast Assistant General Manager Salih Algun and added; "The World Health Organization has recommended the PVC pressure lead-free pipes. The first choice has come from Denizli / Buldan Municipality. Within the scope of renovation of municipality’s infrastructure, lead-free pipes are preferred. We have provided all kinds of technical support. We later received requests from many municipalities"

Algun explains the use of plastic pipes in his views on the historical process, he continued as follows. "Pipes made from PVC materials have started to be used instead of asbestos pipes which are carcinogenic due to their healthiness, strength, lightness, corrosion resistance and ease of installation in 1960s.

However, for the protection of PVC pipes from high temperatures, stabilizers with a few chemicals are used. The effect of the stabilizers on the drinking water is always threatened by the heavy metals in its constitution, although it remains within the limits indicated in the Food Codex.

As the European Union Countries are in every field, they have taken the lead role in this field and started to implement preventive measures. Since calcium-zinc stabilizers do not contain heavy metals that threaten human health, they are seen as the best alternative to be used in the production of clean water pipes. In 2006, The Toxics Use Reduction Institute identified Calcium-Zinc stabilizers as the primary stabilizer to be used in PVC.

In addition, Europe's "Vinyl Plus Task Force" organization has determined that the use of Calcium-Zinc stabilizer reaches to 60%. In addition to all of these, calcium and zinc are naturally considered non-toxic and necessary for human health. In addition to this important advantage of calcium-zinc-stabilized PVC-U pipes for health, other technical advantages are; Long-term UV Protection: Calcium-Zinc stabilizers are more advantageous than other stabilizers because they protect PVC-U pipes from UV radiation for a long time. Thus it is possible to preserve the color and mechanical properties of the pipe for a long time. High Mechanical Strength: Pipes produced with calcium-zinc stabilizers have higher mechanical strength (pressure and impact). "