Vision & Mission


Being one of the leading companies in domestic and international markets in the plastics industry by constantly developing to adapt to changing world conditions. We realize that our employees are the biggest guarantees of our product and service quality when we achieve the goals. For this reason, employing the best human power is our primary goal.

We believe in generating a peaceful working environment, team spirit, common synergy and communication. Our employees allow vocational training and development to add value, and we reward the success.

Participatory, fair and democratic management; We have an open organization for conceptualization, learning and criticism.



To ensure our company's reliability in the sector and its competitiveness in national and international markets, we go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers to produce products and services that will sign the firsts with an open understanding of quality.

We have our customers in the center of our business areas. We are shaping all of our products and services on the basis of making our customers' lives easier and creating a long-term relationship.

While creating value for our customers with our quality products and services, we build our relationships on reliability and solution partnership. We are seeing ahead of changing requirements and trying to produce solutions quickly with a proactive approach.