Our Founder

Born in Izmır on June 23, 1923, he entered the Faculty of Law in 1943. However; due to the tough economic conditions brought by the war years, he was forced to look after his family and left his job to get a start in business. He completed his military service as a reserve officer in 1947 and founded his own company in 1950. Manisa – Akhisar Road, Izmır Piyale Factory, Izmır Variant Road, Izmır DSİ. Buildings, Izmir Güzelyalı Air Training Command, Izmir Bergama Road and many D.S.I. tendered.

In 1958, the plastic industry began with the production of plastic plates and drug tubes. Mazhar Zorlu, the plastics industry doyen, has broke grounds many times in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s in pipe and profile sectors in Turkey.

In plastics sector; Ege Plastik Trade and Industry Joint Stock Company, Ege Yıldız, Bahçesaray, Ege Pen, Ege Profil, Nejat Zorlu (North Cyprus), Tempo Plast(Germany), Ege Herkül (Kazakhstan), Romegeplast have been established.

The decedent Mazhar Zorlu was a respected, entrepreneurial businessman, who always tried to be as knowledgeable as that expert in everything he did and placed emphasis to the details of the subject. Throughout his business life, he was awarded with gold, silver, bronze medals and documents due to his superior achievements.

Mazhar Zorlu has also supported his extensive and versatile work on the commercial side in social life as well. Mazhar Zorlu, who is always into the sports, played football in Muhafız Gücü, Beylerbeyi and Beykoz clubs, and Altay was like a factory that raised Altay athletes when the Altay lover Mazhar Zorlu was the chairman of the Mazhar Zorlu Club. Zorlu, who carried out the Presidentship of Football Federation has taken a role with legendary names like; Hasan Polat, Orhan Şeref Apak and he was also the board member of the federation. Zorlu also actively participated in the boards of associations and organizations such as the Presidency of the Association for the Protection and Assistance of Provincial Minorities, Social Assistance Associations, Rotary Clubs, ESİAD, TÜSİAD, Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He was also the founder of many social aid associations and educational foundations. Mazhar Zorlu, who has contributed to the construction of Izmır Avni Akyol High School, realized the idea of making a school in 1998 during his life. Mazhar Zorlu Vocational and Technical High School is the first educational institution in the plastic industry. The students who come from this school meet the work force of the plastic industry. Mazhar Zorlu Education and Culture Foundation and the Ministry of National Education initiatives and the Anatolian Technical High School Industrial Automation Technologies Department have been established and technological information has been exchanged in cooperation with the Japanese government today.

Mazhar zorlu