Human Resources Policy

The real power of our institution's long history; Mazhar Zorlu Holding and its plastics group companies are aware of the fact that human resources have a vision of being a model company by applying modern human resources management systems.

With our Head Office, our factories, İzmir, Istanbul Rami, İstanbul Bostancı, Adana, Antalya and Ankara; "WE ARE A GREAT FAMILY"

Smile with happy employees and fun together. We respect labor,
we are in charity with social sesponsibility projects and we are in cooperation with universities.

Our employees;
- They can meet with a company with high sense of love and respect,
- Team work solidarity are supported,
- They can continue their personal and professional development through training
- Performance is assessed with fair, measurable and target-oriented criteria,
- Where new ideas are supported,
- Social activities are presented,
- They can find career opportunities,
- Creating environments is our basic human resources policy.

Our organization, which has proved "employee belonging" with its employee average for many years, implements a participatory management model by creating "Work and Project Groups" to allow employees in each stage to have a say in management. On the other hand, we are also open to new perspectives;

- Dynamic,
- Innovative,
- Team spirit,
- Solution oriented
- Continuous improvement

Integrating new colleagues into our family is also a part of our human resources policy.

If you want to be a member of our family; applications are accepted by;
Our HR solution partners Kariyer-net and SecretCV,
Sending your CV to
Fax to “0232 376 86 37”
posting to "İnsan Kaynakları Departmanı A.O.S.B 10003 Sokak No: 6 Çiğli / İzmir"