Meaningful Award to Ege Yıldız

In the Anatolian Brands 2013 Competition, organized in cooperation with Capital, Ekonomist and the Finance Participation Bank of Turkey, Egeyıldız has been awarded in category of biggest enterprises. At the award ceremony held at the Conrad Hotel, the Business World and Anatolian Brand Representatives who received awards from nearly 200 applicants came together.

Ege Yıldız's award has been taken by Mazhar Zorlu Holding Chairman Kemal Zorlu, from the hands of Mustafa Boydak who is Chairman of the Board of Finance of Turkey. Kemal Zorlu said that after the significant awards we received in 2005-2007 and 2011, they were honored for being awarded the 4th time this year; "In this regard, our innovative and environmentally friendly approach has been influenced by the values and corporate work that we have given to the brand with its fire resistant polypropylene pipes and also with Turkey's first and only lead free, environmentally friendly PVC pressure pipes.

Lead-free PVC pressure / potable water pipes, which we started production and sale in 2013, have been the priority preferences of municipalities. Lead-free pipes are environmentally sensitive pipes thanks to their Calcium-Zinc components and have high strength & long life.

Ege Yildiz continues to grow with bigger projects without forgetting that; this award has increased our responsibility for the future, and will always present confidence in our country and in the world with our environmentalist, innovative products. We would like to thank all the institutions and organizations that gave this great honor.

Mour sensitivity for the continuation and development of our brand identity will continue to be the same in 2014 as it was in the past. "