Exhibitions and Activities
sosyal sorumluluk sportif

Ege Plast organized in Moscow and Qatar in the first half of this year
It was the focus of the exhibitions. The new products on display at the Ege Plast stand have attracted the interest of many visitors.
Ege Plast Export Manager Musfik Mabudov and Vice Export Manager Reşat Şahror have taken part at EGE PLAST stand. Lead-free pipe, Corrugated Pipe, Egetherm-Composite pipe and additional products got the thumbs up. “Qatar and Moscow have formed an important role in the Middle East, Europe and the Turkic Republics” said the authorities of Egeplast and expressed that they have met with intense demand in building and infrastructural products, so the exhibition has reached its goal for this year.

sosyal sorumluluk sportif

Ege YILDIZ, a strong brand in the construction sector, came together with Uşak and the plumbers in the Afyon region in previous days. In a series of plumber seminars, the problems encountered in the use and application of installation materials were discussed. During the seminars, the emphasis was given to the introduction of the Ege Yildiz product set as well as the issues to be considered in the installation.
Ali Güroğlu, Quality Control Manager of Ege Plast stated that they play a leading role in the solution of the problems they encountered in the areas where the installers are located, and explained that EGE YILDIZ played an important role in informing the plumbers who participated the seminars. The promotional materials have been given as a gift. After the seminars, the organization got the thumbs up.

EGE YILDIZ ,bu yıl CNR ekspo fuar alanında düzenlenen UNİCERA Seramik Mutfak , Banyo ve Ankastre Cihazlar Fuarı na katıldı.
İnşaat malzemesi satıcılarından ve ziyaretçilerden tam not alan EGE YILDIZ , sergilediği ürünler ile beğeni topladı. Sektörde yer alan Seramik malzeme satıcı bayilerinin yanı sıra Anadolu'dan gelen birçok bayimizin ziyaret ettiği Stand a uğrayan ziyaretçiler memnuniyetlerini dile getirdiler.